Saga Electrical Insulators

We are specialists in electrical insulating materials

Since 1991 our main point has been the importation, storage and distribution of all kind of electrical insulating materials, industrial laminates and a wide range of flexible insulting products, as well as a range of industrial plastics, it's polymers used as plastics.

We are, on one hand, aiming at products which one are at the forefront of technology, and on the other hand, we going on with the most successful classic products used in industry for years.

The industrial laminates are requested, mainly, in the electronics sector, railway, or chemical industries, and the plastic products, are recommended in any industrial sector, because of their wide range of applications.

We are used to working with products fulfilling the requirements of the ISO Norm only, products manufactured by the most important word companies in order to offer solutions to most demanding needs.

We are be able to supply machined parts according to drawings at your request. Let us know your needs and we'll send you our best offer.

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