Industrial laminates

A range of industrial laminates used as electrical insulators


General description and applications


Paper-Phenolic Laminated sheets

Stratified products based on Paper Kraff impregnated with Phenolic resin and Paper Kraff impregnated with Phenolic resins special qualities.

Work temperature 120 º C.

Good mechanical properties.

Applications: Laminate for high voltage and low voltage electrical use. Laminates for electrical and electronics applications with stable dielectric properties under humidity conditions.


Cotton-Phenolic  Laminated sheets

Stratified products based on Cotton Cloth impregnated with Phenolic resin.

Work temperature 120 º C.

Very good mechanical properties.

Good punchability.

Applications: Laminate for medium voltage electrical use. Good dielectric properties and lowered water absorption.

Indicated for precision machining.

Hgw 2082
Hgw 2083

Glass-Epoxy  G.10 and G.11 Laminated sheets

Stratified products based on Glass Fiber impregnated with Epoxy resin.

Work temperature 135º C y 155º C.

Very good mechanical and dielectric properties.

Indicated for electrical and mechanical applications, suitable for use under high voltage devices.

Low water absorption.

Applications: Mainly in electronics.

Hgw 2372.4
Hgw 2372

Glass-Epoxy  FR-4 UL 94 V-0 Laminated sheets

Stratified products based on Silicone Glass fabric bonded together with a self-extinguishing Epoxi resin, complying with FR-4 grade of NEMA.

Work temperature 155º C.

Excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

Low water absorption.

Good punchability.


Applications: Mainly in electronics.

Hgw 2372.1

Glass Mat / Polyester GP03 UL 94 V-0 Laminated sheets

Laminate made of Glass Mat and a Polyester resin system.

Colour: red or white.

Work temperature 155 º C.

Flame retardant above 2,4 mm thickness.

Easy to cold punch up to 6 mm.

Replaces advantageously the melamin glass laminate.

Commanded for their tracking resistance and for their resistance to erosion under severe conditions.

Applications: Electrical enclosure cabinets, components supports, connection supports, connecting plates, enclosures for power electronics, LV and HV circuit breakers.

GP03 UL94 V0

Glass-Epoxy and Glass-Mat Specials Qualities Laminated sheets

Laminates made of Glass mat and others resin system with special properties and for to be used in particular applications.

Very high temperature resistance ( index 210º C ).

Halogen Free ( FR 5).

Laminates made of Glass and Silicon resin suitable for use high temperature ( index 180º C ).


Mica Rigid  Laminated sheets

Laminate made of Muscovite-type mica paper sheets bonded together with a high temperature silicon resin system.

Excellent fire resistance.

High temperature resistance.

Low water absorption.

Low thermal conductivity.

Applications: Excellent for use in small aparellage electrical and for insulating platens and injection moulds for thermosets and thermoplastics at elevated temperatures.

500º C
800º C

Polyestere Film- Mat Felt- Rolls and slits rolls


Types 1-2-3- Soft insulation on motors up to classes E-B.

Inter-Layers for linear transformer coils.

All cases where high insulation, excellent mechanical can not be achieved by using only leatheroid , pressboard or similar paper-based sheets.

Type 4-5-6- Suitable for the insulation of electrical motors and transformers.

Maximum operating temperature 155 º C ( Class F).

Their main use is a slot insulation for both manual and automatic insertion in low voltage rotating machines. They are also used as a phase separator on end windings, as slot closures ( in larger thickness ) and as an intermediate insulating layer in transformers.

This product is easily cut, sheared, bent and moulded.


Cement reinforced  (Asbestos free) Sheets

Asbestos free thermal insulating laminate made of cement reinforced with inorganic fibres.

Excellent thermal insulation asbestos free.

Retains all its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures up to 500 º C.

Very good mechanical properties.


Induction fumaces.

Glassware industry.

Electrothermics: High frequency heating, electrode supports, soldering nozzles, heater element supports for plastic soldering machines.

700 º C

Rolled Circular Tubes  Rollers


  • Paper - Phenolic resin.
  • Cotton - Phenolic resin.
  • Glass - Epoxy resin.
  • Paper Mica - Epoxy resin.

Work temperature 120 º C.


Some of our insulating industrial laminates